Opening ports to allow for software distribution from another machine on the network

I’m trying to push software from a central server we have on site (everything’s workgroup, don’t ask), however, I’m not able to do so. While I’ve not fully worked with this machine personally, I wanted to make sure that I had the proper rules configured in the Comodo firewall to be able to push software to this PC.

Which ports do I need to open up to facilitate this type of activity, and is there a how-to somewhere that explains how to open these ports properly via firewall rules?

@maximillianx ,

You can use this helpful guide to get an overview of the most common ports that Comodo One Uses.

Hmm - well, it’s not so much what ports does Comodo use, but moreso what ports should I open up if I wanted to deploy software from a central server to another workstation protected by Comodo Security?

Hi @maximillianx
The ports you need to open would depend on the ‘software distribution’ application you will be using to accomplish this goal. At this point you will have to consult that application’s manual or its developers.

For the CCS firewall setup, here are some guides that can help with port settings:

C1 Wiki Guides about Firewall settings

CCS Firewall Configuration

Set up the Firewall For Maximum Security and Usability

Can you share the ports the Comodo deployment software uses? That’s the one I tried first, and the connection failed.

@maximillianx ,

What methodology are you are trying to use in deploying the software? Are you using ADDT? If you are deploying from the ITSM Portal then you should open IPs and ports according to section "Comodo Client Communication (CCC) as per our initial suggestion. If you are using a different process please provide some additional details.