Optimisation Script

Looking for a script to run through some Windows 10 Desktop optimisations to help with speed on slower PC’s. Either changing visuals etc. or cleaning reg and temp files etc.General maintenance of the OS. Thanks

@stevewhyman ,

Please check this procedure https://scripts.itarian.com/frontend/web/topic/windows-maintenance

@stevewhyman , you could also use use the ‘Run system cleanup’ procedure built into the platform.

@Jimmy The maintenance script downloads ccleaner from google drive, when the script should be downloading it from your own patch management platform eg https://patchportal.one.comodo.com/portal/packages/spm/CCleaner/, the same with defrag which is already on your platform https://patchportal.one.comodo.com/portal/packages/spm/Auslogics%20Disk%20Defrag/

Many clients of mine have web filtering in place restricting access to online storage but Comodo and Itarian domains are white listed.

Hello @nct, we have been informed by our script development team to please find the json file
Note: Run as System User
Tested in Windows 10 machine

Thank you.

20190920-Imported-Imported-Windows_Maintanence_Updated.json (13.3 KB)

Hello @nct,

Please refer to the updated attached script.

Note : Run as System User

Tested in Windows 10 Machine

Thank you

20190923-Windows_Maintenance_Updated_Patch_Portal_Links.zip (13.9 KB)