Optimize drives based on media type (HDD/SSD)

Hello everyone,

The attached script will perform a defragmentation or TRIM operation on all of the drives attached to the system intelligently based on media type.

20181013-Optimize-Disks.json (2.31 KB)

@Kristan ,

We appreciate your input to the Comodo community. We’ll have our Script Developers review your provided procedure and share it with the rest. :smiley:

Hi @Kristan

Your Script works fine. We really appreciate your works and efforts. we already have a script for the disk defragmentation with the tool

kindly use our script repository

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Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad to be of help however I can.

I did make note of the defragmentation procedure that you mentioned prior to writing this, however the Auslogics Defrag tool used in that procedure mentioned attempts to perform a full defragmentation operation against SSDs which is not advised due to the additional wear and reduced life expectancy from the additional write operations.

With this procedure, the Windows built-in volume optimizer will only perform a TRIM operation on SSDs instead of a defragmentation, while providing standard defragmentation support for any rotational disks that may also be attached to the endpoint within a single procedure.