Order parts

will be great if C1 SD can track this:

  1. Creating ticket
  2. Need some parts?
  3. Yes. But we dont have this parts.
  4. Creating order to supplier.
  5. Creating another ticket.
  6. Also need to order some parts at same supplier
  7. Adding position to supplier’s order
  8. Both tickets set to status “Waiting for parts”
  9. Across few days we see logistic company car near our office and mark supplier order as “We got it”
  10. C1 automatically find tickets linked to this order and changes ticket’s statuses to “Ready to continue” (for example).

Is it possible? I think EVERY IT-outsourcing company buy something for tickets.

Hello @Sergey

No, unfortunately this is not possible in Service Desk. This seems to be a Procurement Process, not a Support Process.
We will forward this as a Feedback on the Module. Thank you for it.

These functions are associated with the CRM, once Service Desk is integrated with CRM. The processes can be streamlined to accomplish this.