Organization Groups - Add New

Within the service desk, I do not see an option to add a new organization. I would like to place my break-fix and general public clients into groups passed on their organization (business). The only options are to select and existing global (RMM) organizations or search. If this is not possible, can it be… One reason of having a service desk is to organized and grouping client email addresses within an organization group would clearly be a benefit, even though they are not a managed client using the RMM.

Hello rmorton,

Organizations need to be added at global level in the C1 main dashboard ( > Management > Company).
Organizations added there will be synced across all other modules (RMM, Patch Management and Service Desk).
Same for Staff.

Understood. Here are my thoughts behind this idea as I still think it would be a value to have the ability to organize tickets by organization (company) without having to add them to the global platform.

Not every customer/person submitting a ticket will be a managed client. If you add non-managed customers to the global list it will have different effects when using each module. From the service desk module, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. When managing your managed clients using the RMM and Patch Management modules, you will now have non-managed organizations to filter through.

Good input,

We will take this as improvement point.