OSX Tests of Remote Control


Just wanted to let you all know that we have testet the new remote control from OSX to both windows and other osx machines, at it works beautifully :slight_smile:

just a few observations.

  1. You can log on to a windows machine without any indication to the user, that might not be something that all our clients will be comfortable with.
    Could be useful to be able to setup if the client should have a notification.

  2. Also noticed that when you login to Comodo Remote Control you are not 2FA challenged (we have 2FA enabled)

  3. Would be very useful if we could remote into a linux terminal

thanks for at great update :slight_smile:

Re point 1 can’t this be changed in the policy settings? You can choose to display if your connected or not.

Point 2 2fa is something on the road map I’m told along wit session logging. Both critical in my opinion.

Point 3 yup, or ssh.

Hello @frederikbay
About your observations (almost the same as what @Joners pointed out):

1 - The notification toggle can be found in the ‘Remote Control’ section of the associated Profile (see below screenshot).

2 - The 2FA setting in the C1 portal is only applicable to attempts to log in to the C1 portal. The 2FA feature on the new CRC is planned to be implemented by next month (barring any hiccups down the development pipeline).

3 - CRC on Linux is still in the works!

Hello @Joners and @Rick_C

Thank you both for you answers :slight_smile:

Sounding good guys, the remote app has come a long way in a short time.