Outlook Integration

Are there any plans in the works to create an Outlook plugin to create a ticket from an email that was received? If not, can you get me the API for the service desk?



Creating (and also updating) ticket from an email received is already part of our Service Desk. Could you please check this guide and let us know if it works for you or if you need anything else?


“…In addition to the different ways available for new ticket creation, users can also create tickets via email route. The email addresses to which users can send the ticket email are created and managed from this interface. Organizations can configure their company’s email address here so that all email requests can be converted to support tickets and automatically assigned to a particular department…”


Thanks or the follow-up. That wasn’t quite what I had in mind. The workflow that I’m thinking is:

  1. Email comes from Bob@bob.com into the mailbox john@john.com and John wants to open a ticket based on the email.
  2. John pushes the “Comodo Service Desk” icon in outlook and a ticket is created from bob@bob.com
    a) if bob@bob.com is not a user then the user is created
    b) The ticket is auto-populated with: “Ticket Created from: email”, "Organization [if available], etc
  3. Optionally the ticket could be assigned to “john@john.com

Really it would be nice to have a script that is run outside of Outlook with command line arguments so we could have a couple of different buttons like “Create Ticket and Assign to Me”, “Create Sales Opportunity Ticket”, “Create Super Urgent Ticket”, etc.


I am not sure how you see the implementation of script that is run outside of Outlook in this case…

Currently we do this a lot with a smile copy and paste currently.

If you want to integrate Outlook the calendar is the place to start.