Outsource HelpDesk and NOC Services

I remember some time ago it was mentioned that there was going to be an outsource helpdesk and NOC services provided by Itarian, is this still in the pipeline?

Hello @libretech ,

We offer Total Noc Support. Please check the below link.


You can use your ITarian account to sign in.

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@cakilinac thanks! I will review.

Thanks , for providing this link of NOC support and it works, I have used it

Is the service based on Comodo One?

Hello @nct ,

RMM activities depend on Comodo One side at Total NOC Support. If my answer isn’t enough, could you please elaborate on your question?

Thank you very much for your question.
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Hello, does anyone know what time zone Total Noc Support work on. I have tried calling the sales number, the support number in the control panel, and the operator and there is no answer. It is currently 11:16am EST,

Hi @anrobinson

We are in the process of re-releasing this service due to high demand with a much improved layout / configuration etc.

The plan is to have 24/7 cover for support for your clients.

If you send me a DM with your email and contact number I can get one of the sales team to reach out and go through all this with you.

When does Total NOC Support go live public @RT-AMS-ITarian

The official release date is with our major release on 22nd/23rd of March 2023.

At that time we shall be opening the doors to interested parties so they can come and enjoy a trial period of the service with us before the grand launch in early April for all.

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I guess it is only for English speaking people?

What languages would you like / need?

Any update or feedback from the service?