Own email server sending (office 365)

HI All,

Has anybody got SD sending out email as their own domain? so instead of them comming fom sd-noreply@c1notifications.com for example.

I had them realying via Office 365 but for somereason it now wont work and support cant see the problem, just wondering if other people have this setup?

Cheers James.

Hi @dittoit ,

We’ve already forwarded your case to our Development Team and they’re currently working on it. We’ll let you know once we have updates through email. Thank you.

The answer is No, this does not and will not work.

the full answer is…
I have been working with Comodo for many months on this. The problem is that using Office 365 works, but Microsoft class the IP of the sending server as spam; and as such is sent out using the HRDP (High Risk Delivery Pool).

The HRDP list of sending IPs are classed as spam by everyone meaning no one will get your tickets.

We have a spam filter which I have opened up a communication channel on to allow us to send as our domain.

The answer is YES, i have added Comodo’s IP’s to microsoft, i had it working but it stopped, i had a call with a support member, we setup my settings on her platform and it worked with no problems, the problem is with my SD, they are looking in to why it does not work.

FYI, create a receive connector in O365: Onsite Connector
Mail flow scenario
From: Your organization‎’s email server
To: Office 365


Turn it off

How to identify your partner organization

How to identify email sent from your email server
Identify incoming messages from your email server by verifying that the sending server‎’s IP address is within these IP address ranges:, and the sender‎’s email address is an accepted domain for your organization.

that is about the only thing I have not tried.
Will adding that connector take the IP out of being part of the HRDP?

i added the connector then set the IP on my SPF record, emails go into the inbox and not spam.