Parent Topic function is ugly


Hmm, how is the Parent Topic on Help Topics suppose to work?

Now I just get the Parent Topic to the right on the Help Topic.

I think it would be nicer if there was a new drop down list or something with the Help Topics below the Parent Topic.

I don’t want the topics under “Beställningar” to shown in the “main” list I wan’t them in a second dropdown list that’s pops up when you choose “Beställningar”.

2017-08-30 16_19_37-Prevent Servicedesk - Help Topics.png


We understand that you are needing this kind of functionality to aid your tasks and what we can do is make a request for this improvement. As a work around you can for the meantime create a help topic adding the additional description.

sample SD topic.JPG

Hello @Noiden,

The planned release will be on 2018Q2 for the ability to created drop down subtopics for help topics on Service Desk. Thank you