Partially blocked RDP Connections

So I’ve got a really weird problem and i don’t really know where to start troubleshooting it but i know it is caused by comodo endpoint.

Little bit of back story. I inherited this IT department about 6 months ago and none of the people that set it all up and understand it are here any more.
We have a 3 server VMware Cluster with around 20 VM’s on it. but it’s old and we have bought a new Hyper-V server to replace it.

Here’s what’s happening. All of the VM’s on the current cluster are working correctly but any of the VM’s I’ve moved to the new server have this Problem with RDP and basically any other network service. when you RDP into the host or any of the guests they work fine but every 2-5 min we will get a disconnect and it will attempt to reconnect, and it normally does. BUT as soon as I close comodo on my computer or any other computer it starts working perfectly fine.

Strangely enough I can start a rolling ping to any of those servers and never loose a packet. I suspect it is a communication problem with the host and Comodo but I really have no Idea.

It is also worth noting that the RDP connection drops DO NOT happen at the same time. so if i am remoted into the host and one of the guests they will drop connection at different times, I can be working on the guest when the host drops out and vice versa.

Please help this is really aggravating!!


so i was playing with the settings on my system’s comodo and after a bunch of trial and error it seems that if I turn off “anti-ARP spoofing” the connection remains stable.

What would cause this? I would like to have anti-ARP spoofing back on but not at the cost of being able to access my server.

Hi @bwales,

We have asked our backend team to create support ticket to your registered forum email address and investigate the issue and update you the findings.

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thanks a bunch!