Password Management?

As a fledging MSP, the thing i had the most issues with when starting out was password management in a proper system when access needed to be granular, we had over five users (eliminates many options) and no budget.

If Comodo One had a password manager feature it wpuld have been an amazing time instead of a frustrating one.

@RTT ,

We have this Feature Functionality Request under development and a projected time release is 2018Q4. We will provide you news and notifications via support email regarding this Feature to ensure you that you are notified.

I believe the feature is going to be based on KeePass and integrate into the platform, but time will tell.
Anything you can let us know would be good!

I know its not quite what you are talking about

Have a look at myki… they have an msp program and would be a great offering for your clients…

If this is what your talking about, this is what I’m suggesting

I used to use a product called F-Secure Keys, but not flexible enough.