Patch command & logs: behavior and suggestion

I note a PatchManagement behavior I don’t understand:
In PM I send a update command for some EndPoints,
and I see those commands in the Audit Logs:

then I expect to read the results of a single EP, but in the DeviceManager the" Patch Logs" or “Installation Logs” are empty:

I expect to find the logs of the sent commands in the EP logs, am I wrong?

By the way I suggest:
In my mind the device tree is the primary module of the entire platform, and it should be able to filter every secondary module requested:
integration of the Device Tree in the Audit Logs list: to eventually filter the logs for groups or customers,
integration of the Device Tree in the PM: to filter the list of the updates only for groups or customers,
and so on

Hello @stefanoradam ,
right now we are not logging manual patching events but it is in our midterm roadmap. We ll try to add this feature to our products as quick as possible.

Best Regards,

Ok, thanks,
I think would be nice to have a basic statistic of the updates needed, of the patch commands sent, etc.
to better aim the situation, for ex: Customer A: 20 EPs, 200updates available, 100 criticals, 20 features, 20 security update …