Patch Management also not working US site.

After transferring some devices to Europe it’s been discovered that patch management is not working on the US site either. The same devices checks out for no updates, while when on the Europe site it reports 173 updates pending. I’ll include the screenshots shortly, but wanted to get this out there as it’s critical to managing client’s devices. This is in addition to logging on the devices and procedures of which is in another post.

Please note nothing shows up for the Software Inventory either.

Hi @RSnumssp, we appreciate the information. We have included these on the ticket that was created for you.

I see that the information is now being populated (patch info, software inventory, etc) – -however on the Device overview page it still shows all devices with a green check mark - in spite of them showing pending important and critical patches listed. Am i missing something?

Hello @RSnumssp,

We will communicate with you shortly via email for the process in resolving this case.
Thank you for your patience.

@RSnumssp ,

We thank you for giving us a response from the support ticket we’ve sent you initially. We’re glad to hear that it is now working on your end.