Patch Management broken again?

Like during an upgrade a few months ago, almost all of my endpoints are showing that they are fully patched (except for ones that have been offline for a while). I am not sure what Comodo did last time to fix this, but I’m wondering if I’m the only one with this issue. Nothing like a false sense of “security”. Comodo One seems to experience a lot of regressions in their patch management module (like the recurring foreign language patch name bug over the last couple years).

I think its broken AGAIN too.
I see pretty much the same.
A few devices shows some patches.
Several devices has now a broken Windows update function.

Patch management has never worked consistently since we started using the platform.

yup, broken again for sure.
Looked at only 6 servers so far.
All of them show fully patched in the portal but 4 shows updates needed when you check the server and 2 has now broken update functions.

Check a few workstations that shows fully patched but they all showing updates available when you check the devices.

Seriously, this needs to be fixed or turned off as a function. is not working and never has worked for more than a month I think.
Very frustrating when you can’t trust the tools.

the devices I checked are in a few different locations with different internet providers and different firewalls so I am sure its on the Comodo end - again.

Hi @smartcloud ,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have forwarded the subject to our development team for analysis.

I will update you in any case from the team.



Has it not been broken?
I have machines that are 64bit reporting 32bit patches as missing for them

This is very worrying as I’ve just presented the PM to my team for use, and now it’s broken…!!

Hi virtusit ,

Thank you for using patch management! The urgency of the situation has been delivered to the team and the solution will be provided as soon as possible.

We’ll provide their feedback regarding the issue.



Hi @torkekhq ,

Thank you for your interest in our product, we’re so glad!

Please continue using Patch Management and provide your feedback. We’re always glad to hear your thoughts.



Its been broken since we started to use it months ago.
I suggest you hold off using this platform until they fix it.

Hello Gentlemen @indieserve, @smartcloud, and @virtusit,

We have sent you an email regarding on this case. Please reply at your convenience.

@torkekhq, could you please confirm if you are also having the same issue as reported by the other customers above?

Thank you all for your usual support.

The system was broken for a few days after the recent upgrade, but all should be back and working now guys.
If it is not then you really need to raise a support ticket with the team as it works well this feature.

Thing is, this is not the first time this has happened after an update. Comodo One has a LOT of regressions, it seems root cause analysis and remediation needs improvement. TBH, now with my helpdesk email being broken (and I didn’t even know it wasn’t working) I’m starting to get pretty frustrated with this platform.

For us the helpdesk side it the most important feature; and we have seen this break a few times now.
Something we have found though is it is best to have your own email system to route the messages through so you don’t get caught in spam filters.