Patch Management Concerns

Patch management seems to not be working as expected for my account. I have been experiencing problems and focused on one customer to help troubleshoot.

  1. The patch management tab under each endpoint is showing patches needed sometimes and then other times (reload the page or go back into the same end point) it shows “Patches service is currently not responding”. This message is shown a lot across all endpoints.

  2. The profile is set to install critical patches using the default Critical Patch procedure. The procedure shows as being run in the logs, but there are critical patches being shown as “Needed” for each of these endpoints. If the patch policy is run and shown as successful, why are there still patches (critical) shown as available.

  3. each workstation for this customer all have the same profile. The profile is also set to restart the computer every night after all procedures are competed and prior to the business opening for the day.

I look forward to your thoughts and advice on this.



Hi @rmorton
We have created a support ticket for your concern. Please do reply at your convenience. Thank you.

Hi @rmorton . I did send you an email about your reported case with “Patches service is currently not responding message in device patch management”. Kindly check your mailbox for the update. Thank you.