Patch Management Doesn't Do Anything

Hello there,

I have been experimenting with the third party patch management on our internal machines before we roll it out to our clients, when we try and run it on any of our machines we dont get any response, the usual green command sent message appears but nothing happens on the endpoint and nothing shows up in the patch logs.

I done a search and others seem to have had problems but everyone else seemed to be getting logs to say failed, we arent even getting that, I have read the manual on it and we are following the instructions to the letter so I am at a loss.

Can you help on this matter.



Hello @steve3
May we ask what is the color of the online status indicator (gray, blue, or green) of the endpoints as seen in the Device List of the ITSM?

Also, we would like to inform you of the upcoming update to the C1 platform this Saturday (Jan 27th).


Thanks for coming back to me, the device was green at the time as it was the device I was working, I did have a theory that it could be due to the device being on higher admin right than others but I was logged in as the admin with rights to the device. It has since pushed the updates, I haven’t been on constantly so I’m not too sure when hopefully it has been the new update that has resolved the issue.

Thanks for coming back to me, I can confirm the issue is no longer present, please consider the ticket closed.


Hi @steve3 . Thank you for you for updating us with this reported concern. Should you require any other assistance, please let us know.