Patch Management Guide

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We are happy to announce the Patch Management Admin Guide. Please find attached to this post.

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C1_Patch_Management_Admin_Guide_v1.0.pdf (3.59 MB)

thanks for the guide.

Please confirm if the guide is available or the link is broken. Thanks.

Hello @serenapoint ,

The guide is available as per checking.
I will attach it here again for your convenience.

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C1_Patch_Management_Admin_Guide_v1.0.pdf (3.59 MB)

this one did open. Thanks a lot.

Hi @serenapoint ,

Good to hear that. Please let us know if you need anything else. Thank you.

I didn’t get notified of your answers. I just came to know from the forum website messages…now that you ask, if you don’t mind, have a look at the other posts whenever you have time, thanks.

This patch management Guide is for the Patch management module but I don’t see this as available in the Enterprise C1 console. How is it accessed?

@MTekhna Damon C;n13211]Hi @MTekhna ,

We apologize but Patch Management is available only for Comodo One MSP, please check this link:…ick-Start.html



There should be some more context to this post, it looks like C1 Enterprise doesnt include patch management when it does (sort of).

@ Mtekhna ill try and provide some context, C1 has two different skews which are being merged in to a single product. Originally there was the C1 MSP which had a dedicated RMM patch management module, this could do Windows/OSX/Nix patching (from what i understand). Comodo then developed C1 Enterprise which had a different patch management (Windows only for the minute) module built in to the ITSM. Comodo’s plan is to drop the old RMM module (the documentation you see here) from C1 MSP and bring everyone on to the the patch management in C1 Enterprise ITSM, thus making C1 MSP and C1 Enterprise the same.

The problem lies in the fact that the two different patch management modules from the old RMM and the new ITSM dont have feature parity, lots of the MSP guys on the forums are saying that the old RMM patch management is far superior and more reliable than the new ITSM module.

When will an updated guide be released for itarian MSP Patch management?

Hello @jacubillos, you may check our wiki guide links for Patch Management with the possibility to request additional “How to” guides:

Thank you.