Patch Management not doing anything


If I click on a device and then go to patch management, it shows all of the available updates. If I then click on an update to install, it says that it has been added to the queue but then nothing happens.

I do not get any logs generated in the patch managment logs, and the update does not install.

Is there something that I am missing?

I’ve restarted an endpoint to update the list of patches but the info shown remain not correct for that endpoint. The endpoint patch status, in device list, still shows 2 critical patches available but if I click on it the Patch Management page doesn’t show any operating system patch pending. If I remotly run Windows Update on the target endpoint, it shows a Windows 10 update available. So the info are not sync despite I restarted the endpoint as you suggested above.

Also, the patch logs for any endpoint are always empty. Is it correct?


Hello @datalink ,

We will continue assisting you through support ticket for this case.

When you choose some available patches under patch management tab and push them to device there is no output in the logs tab which is expected behavior.
Under patch logs tab you can only see output of patch procedures.