Patch management

With the evolution of the new patch management system, I would love to see the ability to manage patches on a per customers basis. Currently, you have the option to manage Globally across all endpoints within your account or on a individual endpoint basis. MSP’s handle many customers and each customer may have different patching needs. MSP’s generally can not managed all customer endpoints the same and having the ability to look at one customer at a time in the patch management area of ITSM would extremely helpful. Going through device manager and managing a customers patching endpoint by endpoint is tasking, when you can manage a customers patching as a whole. If a customer has different requirements for patching for endpoints such was workstations, servers, accounting dept, and so on, you can use the grouping feature that already exist. Applying specific patching rules to individual customer groups. This would make our life’s much easier.

Thoughts? Again, it seems like you have all the necessary code if you break down the global thought process to a per customer thought process.

So keen for this - I have specific customer related patch requirements so it would be great to implement this!

Hello @rmorton and @mbarrett
You can set up a profile strictly for patching purposes only. You can create a ‘patching profile’ for each group of endpoint you want to manage this way.

Start with making sure to clone the premade ‘Patch’ procedures as many times as you need.
Then you create a new profile and add only the Procedures section to it.
Add one of the cloned patch procedures and save it.
After saving it, then you start tweaking the settings of the cloned patch procedure to your preference.
Apply the ‘patching profile’ to the selected endpoints or group.
(This would mean an endpoint will have more than one associated profile and be part of more than one group.)

That is the gist of it. Feel free to improve upon our suggestion above.