Patch Procedures running wild

It would seem that yesterday, my patch procedures ran in the middle of the day, but not just once, but some of them up to 20 or more times. It also ran patch procedures that were not scheduled to run. I have these scheduled for over night, and to automatically reboot the systems, so every computer rebooted, on a major update, taking 4 businesses down for an extended period of time. I have changed the reboot option, so that they will no longer reboot, but this is not acceptable. I am not sure why the procedures decided to run, as they all say scheduled, but were by no means scheduled to run at that time of day, and not that many times. I would imagine some systems rebooted 5-10 times, as I used my patch maintenance procedure to ensure a reboot once a week, but it also ran many times. It was only the patch procedures, as far as I have seen so far. Anyway, I was just wanting to alert y’all, and make sure people do not use the force restart function, as I really heard from management on this one.


We have made your information visible to Development for reviewing the case you reported. We’ll provide an update as soon as possible.

We have seen this in the past and randomly on some devices recently.
Something else that is a problem is the ITSM portal does not run procedures at the correct time as the time zones are wrong/not detected.

I still have not been able to correct the time zone thing, you would think that something that simple, would be easily modified???

The time zone issue is one for @Vadym_Volyansky and his support /development team to look at as there is nothing we can do.

I’ll drop him a note on this and see if we can get this looked at as it is silly but rather important for businesses.

Thanks, I agree with you on this statement.