PatchManagement failure rate

I was curious, as to whether anyone else seems to have a high failure rate, on end points, when updating through policies?? I seem to have 3-4 fail to every one that updates correctly?? I run all critical updates in a policy, set on a schedule. I started out daily, but moved to weekly, due to such high failure rate.


Could you please collect the logs of the Patch Management Agent, archive and send them to

From there we will be able to investigate the case further.

The logs located in the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Comodo One Patch Management Agent\logs.

Ok, I will try to look one up today. Do you want a variety of logs, some that applied no updates, some that applied some updates, or one or the other??

That would be great. Please create different archives, if that is possible