Pending Reboots & Scheduling Reboots

One thing we have used in the past a lot from our old RMM is the ability to see which machines (especially servers) have a reboot pending - from patches or whatever - and then being able to schedule a reboot for after business hours so that the customers and us can both go home and not have to worry about the server having to be rebooted …

Is this functionality somewhere within Comodo and we are just not seeing it, or is it in planning to be added sometime in the near future?

Check out the procedure “Check whether reboot required or not” Under system.

I know the procedure exists - just seems like a pain to have to run that to see if a reboot is required when it could be handled much more elegantly with a built in and an icon change or something similar.

there should be some way to notice whether a reboot is needed at a glance rather than having to suspect one is needed and then run a procedure … but it still then requires the second half of my question as well … how do you schedule the reboot for after hours - hit reboot and the farthest out it gives you is 30 mins … or you could run a procedure but that runs right away … maybe a way to SCHEDULE a procedure to run at a specified time?

@tfehlberg ,

Yes, the feature is present. Under ITSM Patch Management you will have an option to schedule the reboot (Suppress Reboot) whether it be for patch updates or Comodo Updates.

and apply OS and even Third Party Patch Updates during after-hours Add A Procedure To A Profile / Procedure Schedules, Security Manager Software

Here are some sample images for your reference.

supress reboot option.JPG

Jimmy - the first only allows for up to a 30 minute window … the second requires you to place the procedure into a profile, which is not as convenient as say … just schedule a procedure to happen at 9:00 pm tonight … so many less steps to do …

We are currently doing the second to reboot after patching on servers, and just putting up warnings for workstations that the user needs to reboot (because some users leave things open overnight and get upset if their workstation spontaneously reboots and closes their documents and they have no idea what they had open - I know bad habits, but the customer is always right!) But for the servers for other situations, such as a vendor had to install a new program onto the server and it requires a reboot, but the client doesn’t want it to reboot in the middle of the day so as to not affect productivity it would be nice to just easily click schedule procedure, and choose a time at some point in the future and be done with a one time schedule without having to go thru so many extra steps to add it to a profile for a one time thing …

@tfehlberg ,

You will need to select the “Suppress Reboot” (for CCC and CCS installation) The forced reboot would only allow you to execute a reboot automatically after the selected time frame. The Suppress Reboot postpones it and you will need to manually reboot the endpoint. The suggestion I made for scheduling after hours reboot is to ensure that the OS updates (which will still reboot the endpoints anyways as MS recommended it) For the Servers the schedule can be adjusted on a monthly basis. I apologize if I am not getting the picture correctly. Give us some additional inputs so we may formulate a Feature Functionality request perhaps.