Performance Issues

My users finally decided to tell me just yesterday that their PCs have been really slow for the last few months. Coincidentally, I rolled out endpoint security a few months ago. I ripped it off one workstation which seems to have helped, has anyone else had this issue? Browsing is very slow. Like the internet connection is slow but if I do a speedtest, I’m getting my normal speeds. Also, launching outlook and logging in to the system are very slow and so is printing.

There have been performanc problems for some time now. It seems to be better with the latest release. Are they on the newest version??


We have created a support ticket and reached you using your email. We will wait for your response. Thanks.

@jmock If you don’t the Comodo firewall module, try unticking Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver on the network adaptor to see if it helps.

We dont use the firewall. I even turned off containment and it didnt improve. Are you you talking about the latest comodo communications agent?

Comodo Firewall and Containment features have for a long time now been a massive headache for performance.
I have been working with the team for a long time on this now and can say we have seen massive improvements in the last 3 versions of V10 allowing all security features to be enabled without a machine being over worked.

What spec are the machines that are having issues?

The specs aren’t great but they aren’t terrible machines either. I3 or i5 proc with 8gb ram. I jad to completely uninstall css and once I did that, the users saw major perfoemance improvement. Is the issue with containment? I could live without containment. I guess I could try to redeploy without containment.

@jmock definitely try without the CIS firewall selected and let us know how you get on.

I dont think we were using the firewall when ot was running terribly slow.

Firewall followed by Containment are the two issue modules, but containment should not be an issue now on the latest V10 version.

Personally if you can avoid disabling containment I would suggest you keep it enabled, this feature really makes the difference in protection of your endpoints. Something else that is always worth a try is a better policy as these can be a pain to get right and can cause issues if configured wrongly.

Maybe this is the next step?

Ive basically torn it down to bare bones and am re-enabling modules one at a time to see where performance starts taking a hit. I got rosted by this client as it killed performance - even though they waited a month to say anything…lol.

@jmock ,

We have created a support ticket to investigate on the recurring issue you are experiencing. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. our Product Developers will aid us in identifying the root cause. We have sent it to your forum registered email. Please reply at your convenience.

It’s annoying when clients do that, but it is common place being honest.
If you need a working template I have two that we use extremely successfully: -

  • All Features Enabled
  • Firewall disabled

Yes, if you have a working template, that would be great. Thanks

No Problem @jmock

Looks like I have to send them via PM so check there for them

@StrobeTech Would be interesting to see which settings you use for clients.

That would be great to have a working template

Check your Skype

PM me your email address and I’ll send you them

I am also looking for one please share if you have one.