Performance Issues

We are at the end of a trial period with End Point Security on our servers and workstations. We are still still experiencing a couple of issues we haven’t been able to resolve

1.) Performance at times is down to a crawl for some workstations
- profile has Hips Disabled

NOTE: This is going to be the GAME CHANGER here on whether or not we purchase this product. We cant have performance of our machines being limited this much.

2.) Some workstations still experiencing issues with preventing certain tasks
e.g. one particular machine ca not register a software application (Adobe Acrobat PRO). It keeps reporting their is no internet connection, try again. Yet, there is internet without a dobt

3.) Some workstations can still interact with the Comodo Client - Security (i.e. change settings, shut it down, etc)
- Profile has Client Access Control is disabled with an admin password


Hi @holmesshanea

1 Do you have the Comodo firewall module enabled?
2 That will most likely be down to an error in your configuration.
3 That will most likely be down to an error in your configuration.

Hi @nct

1.) Yes
2.) ?
3.) ?

error in your configuration? Not sure what you mean by this

also, looking at our Organizations Meraki firewall, I see the following

Usage: Miscellaneous web -
3.12 GB (↓ 3.05 GB, ↑ 69.3 MB, 28.3% of total network usage)

What would Comodo be downloading?

@holmesshanea, we’re sorry to hear that you are still facing these issues. We will create a support ticket for you to have these issues investigated as soon as possible.
We will reach you via email for additional details in resolving this case.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi @Anna_C please could you let me know the outcome regarding points 1 and 2. Thanks.

Thanks all for responding. The support folks did a CONF call with me today and hopefully the next few hours will tell if all our issues have gone away

Are your problems now resolved.

Please share the solution if its fixed.

Would be interested to know what the answer is.
We have seen that CCS V10.8.0 which was removed caused performance issues, and the last two upgrades of Endpoint Manager can not process right causing issues too. (solved by reinstall)

​We have also seen an increase in WhatsApp being used on machines, if running Pre Windows 10 make sure they are not using the desktop app.

Sorry for the late response

There were a couple of issues

Some of the workstations did not have the clones profile applied to them (where profile removes HIPPS) and some actually had the old AV software still running on them in SERVICES

All seem to be running just fine now.

We are glad to hear that the performance issues you observed on your enrolled endpoints have been sorted out @holmesshanea. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance or clarification. (Or post here in the forums to get the advice or opinions of the others here.)

All of our machines have started bogging down again. We are at our witts end with this software. We have a conf call with an engineer tomorrow, but if we cant solve these issues tomorrow, we are going to seek another provider. This software package has taken WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much of our time (money). It requires way too much maintenance. It may be a good package for companies that have an IT department and IT manager, but for small to medium size companies that outsource their IT, this is NOT a recommended solution. Sorry, but thats my take.

@holmesshanea1 are all the endpoints updated to the latest version?

Hello @holmesshanea1 ,

We understand, we want to further investigate the issue and support team will get in touch with you shortly via email to provide resolution.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.


Hi All,

I have been working with support and development on this issue.
Something that has had our customers actually write to us and say thank you this has improved things is: -

Disable HIP auto safe rule creation
Disable Firewall auto safe rule creation

This is going to be looked at for future releases and will hopefully solve the logic used to generate these rules, as it is the generation logic that seems to slow down the computers. These settings are not needed unless you are looking to use Paranoid Mode within HIPS.

How to perform the changes are: -
HIPS-> Create rule for safe applications. Untick
Firewall -> Create rule for safe applications. Untick

We also have a script to clean up the auto created rules, but so far we have not run/tested this and customers are much happier.
We will be looking at the script to clean up soon and will update.

@StrobeTech I was advised years ago not to use “Create rules for safe applications” by support re performance.

@nct I have those disable by default prefer to create my own rules just to be safe.

I am having clients call now reporting poor performance.

HIPS not in use and no create rule for safe application enabled in firewall section.

We will address your concern on your other forum thread @smartcloud.