Performance monitoring improvement

When we have a performance monitor for CPU usage it would be very useful to have maybe the top 5 processes using the CPU listed in the log/ticket

Hello @frederikbay,

You may refer to this script:

Let us know if the information has been helpful.

I have already looked at that script, but the problem is that the remote server become unresponsive and would like se able to see the processes in the ticket and also would be a great addition to the ticket/log as we then wouldn’t need to manually trigger the script

@frederikbay ,

Thank you for clarifying what you want to achieve from the procedure. We have sent a request to our scripts team to have it analyzed. We’ll pass an update you as soon as possible

@frederikbay ,

We thank you for giving us your feedback on the support email we’ve sent. We are glad to hear that the script procedure had worked for your needs.