Performance Monitoring

I would like to alter the threshold for Performance Monitoring notices. I think the default is alike 100% processor usage for 300ms or more. I would like to increase that number because I monitor several older machines and as a result I get a lot of Performance Monitoring Warning notices. I would like to know if a machine is overworked, but just need to tweak this to maybe 100% for 600ms or more. Where and/or how do I make this change?

Also, this notice about APPLE Push needs to go away. I don’t have any apple equipment and don’t need this noticed every day.

Please help me.

You open the RMM page, click on Monitors under the Configuration Templates, find the monitor you want to modify, open it, click on the conditions tab, click on edit, click on the condition you want to change, and change it there.

Thanks, that did help me to at least find the where to do it. It took a while to also figure out that the default profile cannot be edited. I had to clone it then edit it then go to the devices and make my new security profile the default profile and then edit each device to remove the previous default profile so that only my new profile remained. Not the most intuitive design nor easy to understand… For me at any rate.

You’re welcome, I should of mentioned that you would have to clone the profile. Glad I could of been of some assistance in this matter!!