Performance of CCS: Opening programs takes long time


I’m still trying to implement CCS for my customers. I now have installed CCS on +/- 100 devices for different customers and nearly every customer is complaining about the system-performance.
I just had a client who was complaining a lot for the last weeks:
-Opening Word (not a document, nut plain WORD): took 17 seconds
-Google Chrome took 12 seconds
-Excel: 13 seconds

I had to uninstall the CCS client and after that:
-Opening Word: 4 seconds
-Google Chrome: 2 seconds
-Excel: 5 seconds

And this is not the only client I’ve tested it with.

Most of the devices are all i5’s, Windows 7 Pro 64b or Windows 10 Pro 64b with min 8 GB mem and normal SATA harddrives.

It looks like that disabling ‘Auto containment’ increase the performance a bit.

For all the devices I have assigned the ‘Hardened Windows’ profile on advice from supoort. This because the previously used template (standard Windows profile) was not tightened enough and a client was infected by ransomware.

I understand that scanning will delay the system a bit. But this is an enormous delay before starting programs.

Note: No real CPU stress is shown when starting apps. Only a big delay before opening the app or Google Chrome windows are hanging.

I read a lot of users here on the forum who’re telling that they don’t have problems with CCS and running it on 100’s of devices.
And I’m still trying to understand how to implement the virusscanner so that ransomware and virus’s are detected and quarantined.

Hope someone can tell me how I can increase the performance for common applications.
Maybe to exclude those apps from the scanner?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @ailan,

Good day and we appreciate for bringing this issue to our attention. We would like to investigate this matter and provide the appropriate solution that will suit on all of the enrolled devices. We will coordinate with you via support ticket and feel free to respond back for us to organize the best approach on this matter. Thank you

Read the release notes for the May update, they have improved exactly what you are describing :slight_smile:

Definitely don’t turn off containment, you need it, but potentially other modules can be turned off or tweaked to improve performance.

I’ve had this issue since day one. I’ve spent countless hours with support and their developers trying to figure out why Chrome, or Firefox, or Word, or (insert app here) takes sooo long to open. I also found turning off containment returns the app launch speed back to normal. I was told last month’s release fixed the issue. It has not. Hopefully they are truthful on May’s release…

Each release includes improvements and I definitely don’t have the delays you’ve mentioned on newer PCs i5 / 8GB / Win 7 or 10. I’m currently using an early i5 PC from a few years ago running Win 7 x64 and the current beta release of CCS. I’ve no complaints on this PC and also have near 1000 end points running CCS at present.

Dear All,

I have been working closely with the team on these issues as I have had this experience since the first release of v10.

We have for a long long time had Firewall and Containment turned off to make computers usable, but this as we all know is not a good idea as it leaves you open to almost any virus in the world.

I’m pleased to say we have been using v10.4.xxxx and the performing increase is amazing!
We have been slowly upgrading all our clients one by one and pushing out this version with all modules working as they should be.We are still testing, but the results so far have been fewer complaints and happier customers with good protection.

@Vadym_Volyansky and the team have been working extremely hard with constant ear-bashings from us about this, but I’m very grateful for all the work they have put in, and it really does look like it has paid off. And I must apologise for this and hope all continues on this path.

So if you can hold on, the release will soon be out and you will all hopefully see the benefits.

If you have any questions please ask as I might be able to help to allow the team to focus on getting the release out.

Wishing you all well

Thank you all for your reaction. I did read the release notes for the May update and I’m very eager to check the improvements.
I’m only very interested in all your experiences regarding the speed issues. There were several posts regarding the performance but no real answers/ solutions.

So please post your experiences regarding the performance issues you all were having or still have and maybe your temp workaround, so we all can learn from it.

And more important, see what the next coming update will improve.

@StrobeTech: next CCS version will be Is that the version you’re testing with?


Hi @ailan

The product has many issues currently with Windows Update, File sync programs and other very HDD I/O hungry processes. These processes are mainly effected by the Containment and Firewall modules of the Comodo Client Security (CCS).

Turning off the Firewall alone makes a big difference and turning off the Containment does the same while turning both off breaths new life to the machine. The problem is that doing both of these open you up to being a standard AV client only which lots of viruses now get around with ease. If you want you machines to have some protection with a little speed for the moment the best solution would be to disable the Firewall while adding HDD I/O hungry apps to the exceptions for containment.

What ever you decide to do, you will be opening a hole on your clients systems and we cannot suggest you do this and neither can anyone else and is more than likely why you have nothing on the forums about it. And what ever you do do, you have to remember to undo later as well to get full protection back to your clients.

with regards to the version numbers…
We have had at least three different versions of v10.4. I can say that I believe the version number of not actually the version anyone will see as speaking to @Vadym_Volyansky earlier he was not aware the actual number had been released.

From our testing I can confirm that version worked very well and we are currently using/testing with version

If you would like a test to see the improvements yourself drop me a PM with your email address and I’ll send you an enrolment for a test machine and push it out so you can see the difference.


Hi Strobetech,

thanks for your straight answer and your offer. I’ll just wait a week for the upcoming release.

Hopefully we will see the same improvements like you have now.
I do have to say that the product is getting better and better with every release.

Hi @ailan

As you say, the platform is getting better all the time and the quality of the products are too.

We are lucky to have a great relationship with the Comodo team and some of the features and ideas they have are great, but us as the community do also help drive it.

Just so you know I believe if I have the date right, the CCS release has been delayed this month till about the 10/05/2018.

But if you need any help, licenses etc feel free to drop us a line.



I have the exact same problem with all my endpoints, 35+, without containment it run fine but with it…

have you tried with 'Containment on, but ‘VirusScope’ off?

Hello @Bouch
Please make sure that you customize to your preference the Profile associated to your enrolled endpoints. You might want to check also in the ITSM → Security Sub-systems and either go for File Trust Ratings or the Whitelisting method.