Performance Reports for CPU, Disk and Memory.

For Server Performance, we have only the Monitors. We are looking to get some reporting on the server performance. We see that you have some simple reports but none that include server performance. As an example Disk utilization, Memory and CPU. The Monitoring is there so I would assume I can get a report of this.

Hi @asantos,

Yes, the reports can be pulled from the Service Desk application.

In Endpoint Manager, We have an alert setting that every time monitoring profile is triggered, it will create a ticket in Service Desk automatically. And upon creation of the ticket, you can also include the following information.

  • Device data (brand, model, type, owner, domain/workgroup, MAC address, serial number, OS service pack)
  • Performance metrics (CPU usage, RAM usage, disk usage, network usage, uptime, if reboot is pending)
  • Connectivity metrics (local IP address, external IP address, gateway IP address, ping to gateway, last communication time, DNS server address)
When you have this all set. You can then pull the reports in Service Desk from the Admin Panel > Reports > Tickets, then make sure that you have the correct filter. Particularly in this case, you have to set the source field to "API". So that it will only generate the tickets that has been created from the ITarian communication client.

Ezekiel Aquino
Consultant Engineer - Team Lead