Phishing Attack Simulations

Spent a considerable amount of time looking for a suitable Phishing Attack Simulator that allows us to send phishing attacks to our customers users and track which users open the email, follow the links and provide login details to landing screens. Ideally, being able to do this within C1 would be an extremely useful addition.

@curatrix_pl ,

We thank you for sending in your request. We have forwarded your input to our Product Team for analysis. We’ll make sure to provide you an update with the feedback.

That would be nice… There is one in Office 365 but you need E5 or an add-on license for the function. But from C1 would be nice, to use it on different customers and to those that don’t use O365.

Yes, I’ve looked at the 365 one, but as you say, unless you have an E5 license, its a £5 addon… I’ve also looked at a couple of other options, but they require too much setup or are to restrictive to an MSP (designed as end customer systems).

  • GoPhish which - an OpenSource product, that requires to be installed on your own infrsatructure. This looks good, but is a little lacking in features at the moment (technically an advanced beta). This maybe a solution that could act as a starting point for a C1 Phishing Simulator.
  • Cofense PhishMe - has a free version which allows 500 users. Thought that this would be a good one, only to find that its locked to a single domain. If you want to then setup for multiple customer domains, you need to create multiple accounts and these need to be verified by Cofense before being released to you.
For me, running it as part of C1 would be extremely attractive, especially if we can link it to the service desk (to log 'security risk users') and ITSM for record keeping.