Phone support

How about phone-call support?

I see to methods:

  1. Integrate SIP (IP-phones) support to C1 portal.
  2. Use C1 mobile app. Add button “Create ticket” when phone call is active (or in C1 app button “Create ticket from call history”).

Add contacts synchronization module to C1 mobile APP - put to operator’s phones Contacts. And be great if when call incoming - we see customer’s info and customer’s active tickets.

Is it possible?

I like the idea of pulling up client data when they call, that would be good

Interesting idea, we have a plan to integrate with VOIP providers but to understand better, are you guys using your cell phones on customer communication or are you guys using VOIP services in general?

I use my mobile phone but of course if I took a call, I probably wont be able to view the app data at the same time, I guess that would be one of those nice in theory things.
However if I call come in on a VoIP desk phone and the details were brought up on a computer, with perhaps a job history and current device list/status that would be good

agree with that, we will consider this on our VOIP integration.

We use VOIP. Our federal phone number based on SIP. We have SIP-client at desktop and at phones.

ok, we will consider this.