Pink dreams (models database)

For SCs…

When you at last upgrade SD module we will can enter customer’s devices to tickets. And is it possible (or is it exists already somewhere) world-wide devices database? When we will choose at SD type of devie (For example, Phones), will see aproriate Manufacturers (Samsung, Apple, etc), choose manufacturer and next list - model list filtered with previously entered values (so we will see models of Apple iPhones)… Next - osome where in deeps of SD we will setup at wich supplier we can buy parts for this device categories and SD will show to us links to supplier’s web pages with needed part…

Hello @Sergey ,

Allow me to rephrase your request to make sure that we captured it correctly:

  • When ITSM opens a ticket in ServiceDesk, the device model should be a hyperlink to a database of devices where you can see all the device properties (e.g. OS, chipset, CPU, display properties, sensors, etc.)
  • a section in ServiceDesk where you can add suppliers ( just like in CRM - Vendors section?)

CRM not synchronized with SD. We cant use it at all. You even deleted print forms generator.

About models I mean other.

First we see 3 list-boxes:

  1. Device type { Phone, Printer, Laptop, … } | 2. Manufacturer { empty } | 3. Model { emtpy }

When we choose (for exmaple) Phone, we will see:

  1. Device type { Phone } | 2. Manufacturer { Apple, Samsung, … } | 3. Model { emtpy }

When we choose (for exmaple) Apple we will see:

  1. Device type { Phone } | 2. Manufacturer { Apple } | 3. Model { iPhone 7 (A1778), iPhone 7 (A1779 }, … }

Hello @Sergey ,

Thank you for the additional details. I have forwarded your request to the appropriate staff and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.