Please add "Original Install Date" to a Device's > Summary > OS Summary

While gathering system info, can you please collect the OS Original Install Date as well, and add it to the OS Summary page and the report export?

That’s a great idea.

Yes, I too have been wanting this. Even a notes section on the summary page would be helpful. Jut being able to make a few notes on a specific device right on the summary page would be great.

@amcssit , @nct, , @catcomsys ,

We thank you guys for your adding good feature suggestions. We will make sure that our Developers are made aware of it so they can take it into discussion about how this functionality can be achieved on the portal. We will keep you updated via support email.

A notes/comments box would be really helpful. We have nowhere to store warranty information, for example, and have to track it separately. (I thought I had also requested this previously - will check.)

We don’t use the CRM application because it doesn’t integrate with the RMM at all, apart from the list of customers. I did make a request on this some time ago, perhaps through our rep rather than through the forum - I can’t remember. One would have expected the CRM would auto-populate the asset list with EPs and serial numbers, but they have to be entered or imported.

The whole C1 platform would benefit greatly if it had plugins for other PSA stuff, such as Warranty Master, Xero accounting, etc., as many competing ITSM products do. (I do bear in mind that the C1 ITSM is a free product, however!)

I will see if I can find these last two as existing feature requests, if not I will create them separately in the appropriate forum channels.

Hello @amcssit ,

We already have a feature request to have the ability to export information in the devices section of ITSM
into asset section of the CRM module (import) which has a long term plan ( 12months+ ) but still subject to change.

Regarding the note section on the summary page, we already communicated with our development team regarding this and we`ll keep you updated.

Thank you for your interest in Comodo ONE!

Is install date is a great idea and the notes is good too.

Notes almost bring this into the idea of documentation like IT Glue or SI Portal.

Hi @amcssit, upon checking on our records, yes you did make this request and you were already added on the list. The ability to add a “Note” menu in Device List > Summary currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline: Mid-Term (6 to 12 months).

We see that you have already requested these features on this post and have been addressed and submitted to our product development team to keep you posted.

Thank you all for your suggestions.