Please create possibility to play with the columns (move, resize)

On Dragon it possible change columns and size for look all information
exemple on RMM no possible look all user name or delete columns OS
or containment logs not look all file path and File Name
possibility to play with the columns (move, enlarge)

Hi @Frederic_Lemieux,

We already have an existing feature request for this. We have added you so that we can inform you once the feature is implemented.

Kind Regards,

many software applications and platforms allow users to customize their view by adjusting columns, resizing them, or rearranging them according to their preferences. I recommend referring to the user manual, documentation, or reaching out to the support team of the specific platform you are using for instructions on how to modify the columns and customize the view.

If you are using ITarian (Not Xcitium Dragon) please register your feature request at

If you are using Xcitium Platform please visit their forum.