Policies & Alerts

  1. What’s the Refresh/Monitoring frequency?
  2. Will it be possible to add Hardware Monitoring?
  3. Clicking on “Fix” removes the alert permanently! So if the device becomes not compliant again, it won’t show up in Alerts. Under the Devices screen, they will show as “Not Compliant” but without clarifying why (and I don’t know how to find out why from the devices screen).
  4. Is it possible to specify an AutoFix job/procedure (ex. start the service if it’s not started, terminate a process if it’s started, run cleanup, …)?
  5. Will an alert go away on its own if the issue resolves itself (ex. a service is detected as not running but then it it runs, or a device responds to ping as normal, …).
  6. Can a device have multiple policies?


  • The monitoring frequency is around 10s to 60s for each monitor. As an exception, you can configure the Disk health check monitor check frequency. Also, Event log is immediate.
  • We already have different components to monitor the hardware like Disk Health Monitor. What else you see needed and should be added?
  • This looks like a bug and should be fixed.
  • Not yet, noted for road map.
  • No, not yet. but noted for road map.
  • Not yet either, this is already on the road map.