Policy Editing

Another issue I find troubling is that once a policy is created, there is no way to edit it. You have to delete and create a new one. Why?


You can use the “Create From” Button. That will open a new policy creation window, with the same settings that you had before, but this time you can add others.

Then don’t you have to remove the users from the old policy and apply the new policy then?

Hello doveroh,
Yes, you will have to stop the previous policy and apply the new one as required.

Seems overly cumbersome. Any particular technical reason why the policies cannot be edited?


It wasn’t designed like that in the beginning but we are working on it :slight_smile:

That makes sense. Thanks again for all of your hard work!

lets make sure our members tell us exactly how they want this to work.
Guys: would you be kind enough to tell us exactly how this should work so that its the best method.

thank you.

I would like the options to be able to edit the policy and then push it out to the machines. The issue that I am seeing is that sometimes it is taking a long time for the policy to be removed from the machines and I want to push the new policy to all machines at a single time. With the current approach I would have to either 1) wait for all policies to be removed (which is not a good option) or 2) change them everytime I see one drops, which takes a lot of effort.

Hi @doveroh,

Good points. These are already on the roadmap/ in progress to be implemented soon.