Policy suggestions for rezidentials?

I’m new to the RMM scene (and coming over from MaxFocus) so be gentle with my beginner status :slight_smile:

My clients are primarily residential so no servers and such. I’m looking at creating a Policy to monitor them.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Event Monitor - 6008 (unexpected shutdown) OR 55 (NTFS error)
  • Free Disk Space - under 15GB (would prefer it as a %. Should this be Drive Space Monitor instead?)
  • Hacker Monitor - 4 attempts (not highly necessary but why not)
  • Disk Health - every 3 hours.

I considered RAM Monitor but some play games which consume a lot of ram for extended times.

Any other suggestions?

Eek. “Residentials”.

Hello @PromptCare ,

The Free Disk % is a feature on which you can vote to get a higher priority in the implementation list.
As a suggestion, I think that you could have an even higher check limit for the Disk Health

I might also suggest CPU monitor.

Hi PromtCare, I have very similar client requirements to yours.

Ideally I’d like to monitor the pagefile rights to the HDD rather than consistently high memory usage. As you say there are reasons why high memory utilization would be acceptable but once the page file starts accessing the drive you know there is either a problem or a very real need for an upgrade…

The problem with a Free Disk % monitor is that with new computer drives ranging from 250GB SSD to 500GB or 1TB drives a free percentage becomes wildly different and yet performance impact on a 1TB drive with 5-10% free space would be nothing but on a 250GB drive you’d definately want the client to consider upgrading.

Hello @TwoPlus1 ,

This is a good suggestion and I will forward it to the development team. As a workaround, you could set the RAM monitor policy to a very high percentage (like 98% - 99%). Being the fact that most of the computers don’t have more than 4 GB of RAM, getting a notification when the PC has only 2% of RAM memory available (on 4GB computer that is ~82MB) could be useful, as just opening a browser with one or two add-ons will require more than 80 MB of RAM.

For Res, I am also working on doing tune ups for their computers, so I am testing it to alert when different temp file areas get too large so I can run a procedure to clear them out. (Just started today, so still testing).

Nice idea, @doveroh. Hopefully, once C1 matures a bit more, we can set triggers and alerts so a cleanup can be done automatically as needed and we’d get notifications only if they didn’t work as planned.

Hello @PromptCare ,

This is a good idea! I will forward it to the developers so it can be implemented in a future version of RMM.

@PromptCare that is what I am hoping for. Once functionality is in place for this software I would use it for all of my end points. I have been testing it with mixed results for the past 3 months and I hope many of these features and issues will be added in the short term.

@TwoPlus1 Monitoring the page file is a good idea. You can always use the file monitor for the c:\pagefile.sys ? I haven’t tried it but just thinking out loud.