Popup Notifications (Like Desktop Alerts)

I am trying to use Comodo to alert desktop users of anything important going on that requires them to either be informed or take immediate action. Does Comodo/Itarian have a function that allows the IT Administrator to send a notification or popup or desktop dialogue box message that sends information to the end user? Under the device management module, there is the option to “Send Message” but that is only for the MDM or Mobile side. In the case that I am referring to, I would need similar functionality but for all of the desktops/laptops that I have registered in the portal. Help?

@balldigy ,

You can utilize the script procedure to send a custom pop up message for your end-user https://scripts.itarian.com/frontend…up-message-box
Please review this help guide on how to import and execute the procedure. You will need to edit the message section (see image) after importing the procedure on your portal. Save, then continue the helpguide process.

Love the script and ability to get feedback!