portal and remote control slow

I have been experiencing a general slowness in response from both the portal and remote control since 2days
I want to enroll a new device and the installer just takes ages to download as I speak download is still going on for something that usually downloads in seconds

is anyone else having the issue?

@Nevillo1 ,

No reports so far similar to yours. Any recent changes to your network infrastructure? (Network Firewall upgrade, replacement etc, new application onboarded). Have you reviewed some Comodo IPS and ports are blocked? Have you performed the download process using another endpoint?

No changes what so ever, I sent the enrolment link to one of our customers and it’s still the same result

Yes, It’s been incredibly slow today. The portal stalled loading several times and took at least 10-15 minutes to login.

@carlsond ,

Are you accessing the one.comodo.com or one-us.comodo.com using main admin credentials or with a staff/user credentials? Can you please try to use a different browser, and confirm if the issue persists. We will try to review your portal account from the backend. What happens during these 10-15 minutes? Do you face any error, page becomes blank and/or unavailable or page displays a loading page after the login button is pressed?

No issues with the EU portal today.

I’m using one.comodo.com with main credentials. In chrome, it would look like it was going to bring up the page and then in the bottom just say waiting for one.comodo.com. Eventual after a minute or so the page would partially load; however, you could tell it was still trying to load in the background. After about 2 minutes, it was finished, but then anything you try to do after that (i.e. login), it would do something similar. I just tried from IE with the same result as well.

@carlsond ,

Thank you for the details. We’ve asked our Product Team for any minor interruptions that might have happened today and the reports were none. I have sent you a pm of some private account details provided by our Development Team in response to our initial investigation. We will go ahead and raise an incident ticket so we can further investigate the issue deeper.

I have been reporting for many months about RMM and SD being slow and have given up at the moment as I have not had the time to case as previous times have got me nowhere

Trying to login as well at https://one.comodo.com/app/login located in EU. Site is very slow to load to the point it’s obvious there is a problem going on. Chrome/Firefox both experienced the same sluggishness.

@budda ,

We have created a support ticket in regards to your situation about an overall slowness. Please check your forum registered email at tour convenience.

We just accept it is slow these days.

Should not have to though, the roots of the code are extremely fast so either the code has been messed too much and needs cleaning or the platform it is hosted on is not enough.