Possible change company for an enrolled device

Is it possible change company for an enrolled device? or I run script against it to change it to another company in ITSM devices list.


Good day, you may refer to the link below on how you may change the company or owner of the device.


Thank you and please let us know if the guide works for you.

Sorry, what I meant is to change the Group.


Please correct me if I am wrong, you want to move the devices to a different group? If that is the case, you may follow the guide below.

If the devices that you want to move are under Group A, (in the example photo the devices are under Default Group-Raminn MSP). And you want it to move it to Group B (in the example the Group B is the “operation Devices”), you need to access the “Group Management Tab”.

Go to the group where you want to move the device and click on “Add Devices to Group”

Make sure that you are on the “Group Management” Tab then click on the devices you want to move and then click on “Add Selected Devices”

Please let us know if the guide works for you. Thank you

Hi @z.yong ,

You’re in a default group, that’s why the option for add devices to group is not showing in your portal. Please try to create a group under that default group then add the device. Move the mouse over the company name and click the ‘+’ sign that appears at the right.

Please see this link for your reference: https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-…ce-Groups.html

Hi @z.yong ,

Here`s the step by step process on how to move devices from one company/group to another.

  1. Go to Device management click the check box beside the device you want to move
  2. Click More (upper right hand corner) > Owner > Change Owner
  3. Type the Company name or the owner of the company.
  4. This will bring your devices to default group under the company you selected
  5. If you created other group under the selected company, lets say the name is Group X :
    “Group X” > Group management > Add Devices to group > choose the device > Add selected devices > confirm

Please let us know if this works for you. Thank you.

thanks a lot. I got it now. because all my companies are belongs to one owner. I never consider it’s an option at all.