Post install Comodo DM - Iphone

Hi guys,

Just went through the installation process to add a iphone as a device. The installation was ok but now I get (from iphone) that the device is not enrolled (pic attached). From the Comodo One panel I can see the device.

any ideas?

Hello Shopereia,

I am assuming that you have gone through the APN registration. Please advised if these were the steps taken during enrollment. Also that there are no other third party MDM software installed on the mobile device.

Note: The user must keep their iOS device switched on at all times during enrollment. Enrollment may fail if the device auto-locks/ enters standby mode during the certificate installation or enrollment procedures.

Upon successful completion of profile installation, the ITSM client app installation will begin. The app is essential for supporting the features such as apps management, GPS location and messaging from the ITSM console.

The app will be downloaded from iTunes store, using the user’s iTunes account. The app is free, hence the user will not be charged for installing the app.

  • The user needs to enter their Apple account password to access iTunes store.
The App will be installed.
  • To complete the enrollment, the user needs to tap the green 'Run After Install' icon from the Home screen and accept to the EULA.

The device will be enrolled and connected to ITSM.

Hi @tristan.abundo, do the CMDM app not support the latest iOS 11.2.5? It’s only displaying a white blank screen at startup and closing itself automatically after few seconds. I’m using iPhone 7. Can you please give me a solution?

@dommezatti ,

It is supported. Here is the list of supported iOS device platforms:


We would suggest redoing the reenrollment process
Please give us your feedback as soon as possible if the enrollment issue persists.

@mariyaadems ,

We have created a support ticket regarding your reported case. We will communicate with you for an update on your forum registered email. Please reply to our email once you have received it. Thank you.

Great post! Thanks for sharing us :slight_smile:

@griffith ,

We appreciate your feedback. The Comodo community is indeed a responsive neighborhood of all MSPs and alike. We welcome all best practices from beginners starting to grow their business and as well seasoned MSPs with rich experience and knowledge from their fields of expertise.

Hello @mariyaadems,

We have released the new version of the application. Please update to the current version and check if the issue still persists on your device and please let us know the result. Thank you

Hey guys, am trying to install Comodo just now in my ios device iPhone 8 but it’s showing this message: “Not enough Space for this app”, please say me a solution so i can use Comodo app again! thanking you :slight_smile:

Hello @JasonSmith,

You may try un-syncing your music library which should give you additional space. Once you have done that, you may try installing the application again. Thank you and please let us know the result on your device.