Postponement of CCS May Release to 05/10/18

Hello everyone,

We are sorry to inform you that the release date for CCS has to be postponed for 5 days to 05/10/18. You will be notified once the release is made.
Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for update @Can

We would rather be safe with a good stable release. Keep up the good work and information stream.

So is the C1 update going ahead and just CCS delayed?

That’s right, just that part delayed as not 100% tested yet

I have the beta version on and it seems to be better. It did AV/quarantine some file that were previously set as trusted.

We have had the same issues with re-quarantine of trusted files, another issue we have had is Outlook cannot open PDFs either meaning you have to save as first before opening it.

The team are aware of both and working hard to solve.

I’m not facing the PDF issue, although, I’m using FoxIT PDF Reader with Outlook 2007 on the test PC.

I believe the issue is just with Adobe Reader.

Hi Robin and @Can

I’ve installed the latest version of Acrobat Reader on my test PC and a PDF opened correctly for me. I’m running CCS

Hi @nct

Thanks for the heads up on that. We are using and have the issue of opening PDF from Outlook.

Hi @dittoit ,
Yes, as @StrobeTech mentioned, only CCS release will be delayed for 5 days. The rest will be released on the scheduled date (05/05/18).

Hi @nct , @StrobeTech and @dittoit ,
Depending on some particular softwares, a few complications are observed on some environments as Robin and James experienced. Our teams are working on these issues to fix them from the very first moment.

Hi everyone,
We’d like to inform you that new version of Comodo Client Security (v10.4.0.6695) has been released today. You can start updating the agents on your endpoints. Here are the updates that will take place with this release:

Comodo Client Security
New Feature

  • ELAM compatibility. Upcoming versions of Windows 10 require all applications to be compatible with Windows ELAM technology (Early Launch Anti-Malware). We have completed the required updates to CCS, ensuring a hassle-free transition for your endpoints when ELAM is rolled out
  • Faster and smoother CCS experience. CCS file rating has been optimized to decrease the time it takes to check file rating. This means your applications will open faster while still enjoying the security provided by the rating system.
  • Improved stability and security. We have increased the security framework around CCS and its processes. By better protecting CCS itself, we improve its ability to provide protection and stability to the rest of the managed endpoint
  • Increased performance. Comprehensive design improvements mean that CCS resource consumption is now lower than ever. Your endpoints will become nimble and quicker while still benefiting from the robust protection delivered by CCS.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue whereby some Windows components were being contained by CCS.
  • Fixed issue where applications launched slowly for some users when containment is enabled.
Version: Windows Client - Security