Postponement of Comodo Client Security October Release

Hello everyone,

We are sorry to inform you that the release date for Comodo Client Security has to be postponed. New date will be announced soon.

Thanks for your understanding.

Comodo ONE

@Can will the December release include the delayed Comodo Client Security?

Hi @nct,
Our teams has completed all the tests on the new version ( of Comodo Client Security which was aimed for October. It will be released in few hours.
Further development for December release is in progress as it was planned. Hopefully, that version will be released on time with all the other components.


So CCS is being released today without an announcement until now to pre-warn us?

Hi @nct ,

In order to provide the required time for you and other customers to make the necessary arrangements, we re-evaluated the current situation and decided to make the release on next Tuesday (11-06-2018) in the morning.


That’s great you have decided to give us a little more notice. Thanks @Can

Will be honest, been so busy I have not seen anything on the release until now.
Good for trying to keep us all in the loop

Hi everyone,

Comodo Client Security v10.8.0.7053 has been released successfully. You can start updating your agents.

Thanks for your understanding.


Hi @Can

just found a bit issue with the latest installer…
Selected to install and warn user for reboot.

Installation happened
No pop up as requested
device lost all internet connection due to firewall driver install which it’s required DLLs do not register until reboot.

Rebooted device and all is working as required.

Hopefully we can solve this extremely quickly

@StrobeTech ,

You are absolutely correct. We have forwarded your report to our Product Developers in order to investigate and resolve the minor detail.