Power/Sleep settings

Anybody use comodo one to change the sleep/power settings? most of my users machines go to sleep and cannot be access remotely during off hours. Would like to change that, and then change the reboot settings of patching

@toddpratt ,

Sleep and /or power settings cannot be modified thru ITSM. We recommend suggesting a script procedure.
You can request a script procedure with additional details that may help you accomplish your task
https://scripts.comodo.com/ and

Our script writers will provide a response as soon as possible. Regarding your second query. You mentioned reboot settings on patching, are you pertaining to ITSM’s patch management or the Patch Management module? What reboot settings do you have in mind that will aid you?

Hai @toddpratt ,
Please refer this link for the required script to power on machine from sleep https://scripts.comodo.com/frontend/web/topic/wake-on-lan