Predefined procedure issue

Hello everyone, I’m having an issue with a predefined procedure, Run System Cleanup. After running the service, the execution log is posted as completed, see below for execution time.

2018/02/28 03:43:26 PM Finished success
2018/02/28 03:43:25 PM Started

Has anyone else seen/experienced this issue? Is there a simple solution to resolving this? I would think the predefined procedures would run with no issues so I have a feeling something is not setup correctly on my end. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hi @PC4urPC
Can you clarify to us what is the ‘problem’ that needs a ‘solution’ in your post above?

Also, have you checked if the ‘files’ have been removed in the predetermined locations listed in the script you specified above?

We also strongly suggest that you clone the predefined script (and edit it to your preference) and run the copy as a System user for procedures that deal with Windows system files.