Print forms again...

Please look at print-forms… We can’t use C1 SD at all because it don’t have print-form generator…
Without it we can’t work with customers at all. Without any variants.

Hello @Sergey ,

We are not sure that we understand the problem that you experience. Could you please be more specific?

We give to customers different docs in paper-version. Acts, bills, contracts, different service docs. Now this is only reason why we cant use C1 at all. Copy/past C1 -> MS Word is not right way.

Hello @Sergey

Have you tried using the Print Option to save different pages from C1 as PDF or using print screens for only some specific sections?
We will forward this as a Feature request nonetheless.

Hello @Sergey ,

So from what we understand you would like to be able to export sections from C1 in a specific format (e.g. PDF). At the moment quotes from both Quote Manager and CRM can be exported as PDFs and for tickets, if you do have virtual PDF printer installed, you could print to that printer to get a PDF copy of that ticket. Nonetheless, I will forward this request to the developers. Are there any other sections that you would like to be able to export as PDF?