Privacy statements and or GPDR questions


What can i show a Costumor when he has questions or doubts about his privacy and/or security and accessebility to his computer by a third party.

Do we have to sign a DPA (EDIT:GDPR) with Comodo for every costumor?

Most people don’t like the idea that we (or Comodo) have access to their computers because they don’t know whats going on…

Hello @Itarian_FAN

We have created a ticket for you in order to best answer your concern. We will get back to you as soon as there is an update

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Hi @Itarian_FAN and @Dave_C , perhaps this post will help?

@nct on that threat is not much going on since Itarian is involved now (Im still with Comodo). Im starting to like the product but costumors still have questions about there privacy. So at the end they like the Idea they can start and stop a tool to let me in to take over the clients computer but some don’t like the idea that i (or Third party’s) have always access in the background.

I think its too difficult to go in detail on paper what can techincally van be done when a communication client is installed and i want to know if i need a signed document that costumors need to sign to give me permissions to install the communication client as an MSP.

For smaller company’s i have a DPA wich we can sign both and i can add a Comodo or Itarian Section to it but what to do with non business users. Is a privacy statement enough?