Problem Installing/Uninstalling

Dear All,

I have problems with RMM at a particular sight. They originally had the RMM tool installed but the version was not updating and all PC’s are unavailable.

I have been trying to sort this by reinstalling first through Group Policy then through a script and now manually trying to install.

I get the attached error when trying to install the RMM . It is looking for an old version to un install the version in the attached is no longer available on the customers network and there is no entry for the old version in add/remove programs.

Is there a way to force the install?



Hello @msitcmatt ,

On how many endpoints do you experience this problem? Would it be possible for us to take a look at this issue?

Also, regarding the unavailable issue please try to reboot the machine or restart the service COMODO LPS LauncherEx (you can use the commands net stop CLPSLauncherEX followed by net start CLPSLauncherEX). Please keep in mind that in some rare cases you might need to do this process twice.

Experience it on all the endpoints at the customer site which is 8 in total.

I cant restart that service as the rmm services arent there.

Yes happy for you to take a look if you can let me know and how and a time preferable after 1730

I have resolved the issue by finding the old .msi file and putting it on the network , think the problems has arrisen from the group policy - think i’ll stick to script installs on older networks. Thanks!

Hello @msitcmatt ,

We’re glad to hear that you have managed to fix the problem! In this case, should we cancel the session?

I was going to see about this, but you beat me to it, good catch!!!