Problem paying bills

Hi, I already opened a ticket, anyway I’d like to report here also that there are some glitches about the payment procedure. 1) when I click on “Pay Now” I have to login again in the portal. 2) the payment via Paypal doesnt work correctly: despite Paypal charges the credit card, the invoice remains unpaid (the Itarian error reported is “Client ID missing” or something like that).

Hi @datalink

I see from the support chats you as you say have a ticket ref; as part of this I can see it already has been directed at the right team to investigate this for you.

I’m sure they will be in touch soon and will solve your issue.

Thank you, I hope because it is quite urgent, now the invoice is expired and I have all the functionalities blocked and I can’t give assistance.

If this has not been resolved yet please let me know and I’ll chase the team for you

I’m in the same situation. No ticket replay

OK, I’m chasing now as this is not right for an urgent issue

Hi @datalink

You should now be able to get into your account again.

There is an update for the billing system that is getting released tomorrow which should solve this issue moving forwards. For these payments I will make sure one of the success managers get in touch to resolve this as well.

Thank you very much.

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