Problem with Groups


I’m having a problem with groups

When I’m in group management and look at “# of devices in group”

I have a group that say 3 devices, but when I navigate to the group, the group is empty!

I then navigate to a device, that is a member of said group, but still that device will not show in the group when browsing said group

The group just say “No results found.”

Hello @frederikbay ,

We cannot replicate the issue on our end.
We want to further investigate the issue and we will send you an email shortly.


try removing from the group and re adding. sometimes it can be caused by browser drop outs. i’ve had this and when i removed and re added it can up as expected.

@frederikbay , It is good to know that the resolution we sent worked perfectly on your end.
If you have other questions or clarifications please feel free to send us an email through

Kind Regards,